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Supporting Experimental Aviation Everywhere


Experimental Flying serves as a valuable hub for the community of Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft enthusiasts worldwide, offering a wealth of information tailored to builders, pilots, and passionate supporters of this movement. This website stands as a dedicated resource, facilitating the acquisition of information and the discovery of pertinent resources tailored to individual needs.

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FAA Aviation Manuals

FAA repair manual
FAA repair manual

Access and retrieve many FAA manuals including the set of five Aviation Maintenance Hanbooks. These encompass two manuals focusing on the power plant, two addressing the airframe, and one serving as a general reference. These manuals stand as an essential and definitive resources for both builders and pilots.

They are a free to view and download from the FAA.

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The Mercury bush plane project is for sale.  $13,800

Interstate L6

Lycoming O-320E2D with partial logs.          $7,000



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Search Suppliers

A comprehensive list of suppliers for most aspects for homebuilt aircraft has been compiled to ease your search process.  Hopefully you can spend less time searching the internet and more time building and flying!

This list is by no means complete but I am adding resources as I find them.

Experimental homebuilt aircraft parts

About Experimemtals

If you are new to the Experimental aircraft world click the link to learn a little bit about it.


Learn about some of the common materials used in aircraft construction.

 Homebuilt aircraft
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Paper Work

To find all the paperwork you will need to get your aircraft registered and obtain an airworthiness certificate click the button below.  Links are provided to the FAA website where the forms can be downloaded.  Aircraft Bill of Sale forms are also found here if you are buying or selling a flying aircraft.

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