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Experimental Aviation!

Homebuilt Experimental aircraft

Experimental Flying is a place where a community of aircraft builders, aviation enthusiasts, suppliers and pilots can gather to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of others.  A hub of sorts.  By sharing our unique knowledge and experience with other builders and pilots, our projects and flying experiences will transcend what we thought was possible.

I have created this website for two reasons.  One is that I needed a website like this for my project.  The other is, I like doing things on my own or with a small group of people.  I am not the club type and would prefer to create an alternative.  Maybe you are like that too and together we can make Experimental Flying the next generation building and flying resource.  There may not be many of us, but we will have fun. 

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The Founders former ride.  A beautiful Panzl S331E Built by Greg Panzl.

Paper Work

To find all the paperwork you will need to get your aircraft registered and obtain an airworthiness certificate click the button below.  Links are provided to the FAA website where the forms can be downloaded.  Aircraft Bill of Sale forms are also found here if you are buying or selling a flying aircraft.


Learn about some of the common materials used in aircraft construction.

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Useful Flying Links

It's NOAA.  They shoukd be right.  Right?

An excellent flight planning website.

Homebuilt airplane and experimental aircraft.
Clouds in Sky

Search Resources  

A comprehensive list of suppliers for most aspects for homebuilt aircraft has been compiled to ease your search process.  Hopefully you can spend less time searching the internet and more time building and flying!

This list is by no means complete but I am adding resources as I find them.

Experimental homebuilt aircraft parts


People in aviation, from the seasoned veteran to the onlooking enthusiast, are one big family.  Even if you have never touched an airplane you are still part of the family.  We share a special bond. 

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My father and "mentor", asking why there was smoke oil running down the ramp.  Seems like he should have had paper towels in his hand rather than a baggy.

Blue Sky


Experimental Flying's goal is to make information accessible to the public on building and owning an Experimentally registered aircraft and to bring suppliers, pilots and builders together.


 Do you have products, a service, an instructional video or article related to experimental aircraft that you would like included on Experimental Flying? 
Click here and let us know


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Who might have something to share?

Builders with how to information on their designs, modifications and techniques, Startup companies. New designs, New products, New technologies, R&D,


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Experimental Flying. Essentials You Probably Need!

Make Mine an Experimental airplane

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About Experimemtals

If you are new to the Experimental aircraft world click the link to learn a little bit about it.

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If you want to build an aircraft and fly it, learn about homebuilt aircraft, or just fly them,
this website is for you!  In my opinion anyway.