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About Experimental Flying

Piper PA-12 007.jpg

Welcome to Experimental Flying, a growing resource for builders, pilots and enthusiasts of homebuilt aircraft. The goal and vision of Experimental Flying is to create an accessible, educational, and resource based platform where builders and enthusiasts of homebuilt aircraft can gather to find help and support and realize their dreams of building and flying their own aircraft.  A place where you can find suppliers of the parts and materials you will need for your project.  A website both informative and entertaining.  A place where builders can share their knowledge and experience so others can learn.  Together we can further the already magnificent world of homebuilt aviation.


 Experimental Flying was founded by Tom Applegate simply because he needed a website like this. Not being the club type and preferring to do things on his own he spent considerable time searching the internet for building information on different aspects of construction he needed.  They say you can find anything on the internet, but he found very little that applied to his building needs.  He did find some excellent information both written and in video form, but it was scattered everywhere!! So the concept was born to bring Homebuilt building information into one place and create a sort of hub for the builder. 


Tom has been involved in aviation for over 35 years.  He has instrument, commercial, single engine land and sea ratings, has extensive aerobatic experience and has flown over 80 types of aircraft.  He is a former FBO owner and has spent considerable time working on aircraft.  He is currently working on the Mercury Project.  A bush plane under construction.

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