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How to Grade Wood for Aircraft Use.  

Here we show you the three basic parameters when choosing wood for aircraft construction when building a light plane or ultralight.

Aircraft Wood Splicing Part I Blue Swallow Aircraft.

Aircraft Wood & Plywood" Session 1 Aircraft Non-Metals

Prof. Srinidhi Kukkila.  Online teaching learning classes for aeronautical, automobile, mechanical and marine engineering enthusiasts of the topic "Aircraft Wood & Plywood" under Aircraft Non-Metals of the subject Aircraft Material Science.

Building a Wood Aircraft (Part 1)

This short presentation shows the early construction stage of a Tiger Moth replica wooden aircraft kit. The builder explains some of the building techniques that are used to assemble and glue the structural components. The intent of this video series is to provide a glimpse of the overall effort needed to build a wooden experimental aircraft.

Produced by Homebuilt Help.  You can find many more excellent videos and possibly part 2 at

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