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NUNCATS Successfully Fly’s Its All-Electric Zenith CH 750

NUNCATS, a UK-based aviation project, successfully accomplished the maiden flight of its all-electric Zenith CH 750 airplane on January 30th in the UK. Dubbed the "Sky Jeep", this electric aircraft was designed to provide sustainable transportation to remote communities and support the expansion of healthcare services. NUNCATS stands for "No Unnecessary Novelty" and "Community Air Transport Services", reflecting their mission to simplify solutions for complex problems. The husband-and-wife team behind NUNCATS chose the popular Zenith CH 750 for its capability in off-airport operations and shorter runways. With the support of Zenith and start-up investors, NUNCATS modified the existing CH 750 light sport aircraft design for all-electric operation, offering zero-emission transportation to isolated parts of the world."

For the past three years, NUNCATS has been developing their project. Their goal is to utilize ground-based networks of solar energy grids in remote communities for their aircraft, enabling the delivery of essential services without the need for external fuel. The ongoing testing program aims to determine the range, payload capacity, and other performance metrics with various battery setups. Despite the work still ahead, the successful first flight marks a significant milestone in bringing healthcare and education to rural and inaccessible communities.

NUNCATS mission as quoted from their website is “To provide a dependable lifeline for the world’s remote communities, to offer hands-on experience and STEM learning opportunities, and enable sports flyers to convert to cleaner, greener energy. We deliver this by integrating the existing technologies of proven light aircraft, electric propulsion, and solar power generation, for maximum social and environmental impact. We are augmenting existing microgrid installations and providing the necessary infrastructure where needed.” Learn more at

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